Permanent Focus Group


One of the main outputs of the Custom Med project is the setting-up of a PFG – Permanent Focus Group as a tool to support the follow-up of the outcomes of the project.

On The Mos Way; This website provides information and news about the Permanent Focus Group, set up on the CUSTOM MED project, as well as about other interregional cooperation projects on similar subjects.

Aim of the PFG

PFG supports the follow-up of the outcomes of the Custom Med project primarily by means of a Web Portal aiming at ensuring the environment for:

  • Networking,
  • Exchange of information among all Partners,
  • Discussion and planning of common activities.

The PFG:

  • Supports the development of the road map, its verification and update
  • Facilitates the creation of the transnational networks, open to public authorities (Customs Administrations, Port Authorities, Regions and Ministries) and to private operators (professional associations) of the basin,
  • Creates a permanent virtual platform of discussion on issues related to customs procedures and rules utility networks, with exchange of best practices and joint elaboration of joint strategies connected to trans-border issues.

Besides, in order to achieve its goals, the PFG develops the following actions:

  • Check the road map implementation in Aqaba and Beirut and its update through reports and questionnaires
  • Update databases provided within Custom Med on stakeholders, legislations and procedures
  • Update Custom Med website and planning the related communication and visibility activities
  • Organize conferences with the aim of discussing specific topics which might result from the Forum discussions
  • And other that you could propose

Organization and structure of the PFG

Membership of the PFG will be open to partners of Custom Med project and the Mediterranean Initiative, as well as to all stakeholders, including private sector, who might be interested in its activities.
In a preliminary view, PFG is an association that is structured as follows:

  • A General Assembly of Members,
  • A Technical Board.

The Technical Board of PFG includes the partnership of Custom Med project.

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